Concrete Repair

Concrete Construction & Repair 

Concrete repair services are often required when working on asphalt repair projects.  At Action we have you covered on both. Not only do we have the full capabilities to repair your asphalt, but we possess the equipment and know-how to repair your concrete curbs, concrete sidewalks, and concrete flow lines as well.  Many of our accounts depend on us to remove damaged concrete and pour back new concrete, when it is related to a pavement and parking lot repairs.

Consider the example of a typical ADA repair project.  Often times, these repairs not only affect the grade of the asphalt in which you park, but also the grade of the concrete sidewalks as well.  Furthermore, concrete curbs and gutters cannot exceed specific grades, and need to be adjusted in order to bring a parking lot in compliance to these codes.

Whether your paving project requires asphalt or concrete repairs, please give us a call and ask to speak with one of our friendly estimators. They will be happy to discuss your project, set up a site visit to meet with you, or provide you with an estimate on your concrete repair project.

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